zhenshikeji Uncategorized Our most popular executive bodyguarding work includes:

Our most popular executive bodyguarding work includes:

Close protection 24/7 operation team
Corporate espionage prevention using skilled and expert personnel
Facilitation of meetings
– Secure Transport
Access to top-of-the-line technology and equipment.

We offer UK Close Protection Services’ security services for high-risk executive protection, consisting of celebrity bodyguards, counter-corporate espionage in high-risk scenarios, and media exposure.

Our low-risk security services provide secure facilitation of high-net-worth individuals, bodyguard drivers, international VIP security, high-end occasions, venues, and corporate security.

Residential Security

The castle you live in is the home, and the protection of your house is essential for your family’s security and your assets and physical property. Everyone should be secure at home; however, the risk of being a target has grown because of fame, wealth, or even success. Over the past few years, there is that an increasing demand to protect homes, specifically in the London region.
Through the decades, UK Close Protection Services have worked with a range of customers in and around London to provide protection and security in the event of an emergency, either on a long or short-term basis. This allows them to have home security solutions that meet their needs.
That means that our security personnel will be ready to provide the highest level of security to safeguard your property, your home, and your lifestyle.

Our experienced security personnel for residential homes in London your home no matter if you’re at home or further away, and our proactive security steps will go a long way in preventing any attack, whether it’s from criminals or other types of attack.

Therefore, we can offer temporary and permanent residential packages that include:

Live in/out 24/7 security Interior and exterior
– Key-holding emergency service
Rapid response service
– Monitoring with CCTV
Security for your home during the holiday season
– Vacant home protection
– Driveway security and surveillance Monitoring of CCTV
Hotel room security
– Protection of investment property
— London check-out security

UK Close Protection Services go much more than a guarding service for the property. Our security guards for residential properties are more than ordinary as they’ve all had police or military training. They have been highly trained with certified and bonded close protection personnel, all approved by the SIA.

Our security personnel provide the highest quality of professionalism, discretion, and focus on particulars. They can provide you with an in-depth security service that blends in with the family without impacting the daily life of your family or you.

Protective Surveillance

The term “protective surveillance” refers to a method of protection that is secret. It involves the person, property, or property being protected with security techniques that are secret, strategic, and discreet. This kind of protection is typically appropriate for those who need protection but don’t want others to know about it or someone who isn’t looking to be protected. Still, a responsible party uses security covertly on their behalf.

Our bodyguarding business located in London will also ensure that our security team is equipped with the most up-to-date technology for surveillance and protection, including tracking devices, arms, and everything else that can take on any threats to our customers.
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